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8–button PoE and I/O Control Keypad (EU, UK, US)

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  • 8–button PoE and I/O Control Keypad (EU, UK, US)
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RC−308 is a compact 8−button control keypad that fits US, European and UK standard 1−gang wall junction boxes. Easy to deploy with a single LAN cable carrying both power (PoE) and communication, it fits decoratively within a room design. It is perfectly suited for use as a user interface keypad within a Kramer Control system. Using K−Config, tap into the rich, built−in I/O interfaces that enable this keypad to be used as a flexible, standalone room controller. In this way, it is ideal for classroom and meeting room control, providing end−user convenient control of complex multimedia systems and other room facilities such as screens, lighting and shades.
Multiple keypads can be linked together side−by−side or at a distance, via a single K–NET™ cable carrying both power and communication, providing uniform design and user experience.

  • Clear and Customizable User Interface — RGB–color, tactile feedback, backlit buttons with custom labeled, removable button caps, allowing simple and intuitive end–user and guest control over facility deployed devices and systems.
  • Flexible Room Control — Control any room device via LAN connections, multiple RS–232 and RS–485 serial ports, and various IR, relay and general purpose I/O built–in device ports. Connect the keypad to an IP network with additional control gateways interfacing with remote controlled devices, for extending control across large space facilities.
  • Expandable Control System — According to arising demands, easily expands to be part of a larger control system, or coupled–operation with auxiliary keypads, via either LAN or K–NET™ single cable connection delivering both power and communication.
  • Simple Control Programming — Using K–Config software. Leverage the power of Kramer’s highly customizable, flexible and user–friendly software, to easily program complex control scenarios of Pro–AV, Lighting, and other room and facility controlled devices.
  • Easy and Cost–effective Installation — Compactly fits into standard US, EU and UK 1–gang in–wall box size, allows decorative integration with room deployed user interfaces such as electrical switches. Keypad installation is fast and cost–effective via single LAN cable providing both power (PoE) and communication connections.


  • Control in presentation and conference room systems, board rooms and auditoriums


Modello Descrizione
RC–308/US–D(W/B) US–D–size 8–button 1–Gang Control Keypad, with 1 White DECORA® Design Frame and Faceplate and 1 Black DECORA® Design Frame and Faceplate
RC–308/EU–80/86(W) EU/UK–Size 8–button 1–Gang Control Keypad, with 1 EU–Size & 1 UK–Size White Frame and 1 White Faceplate






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