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3.5mm to Dual IR Emitter Cable

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  • 3.5mm to Dual IR Emitter Cable
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Kramer’s A35/2IRE is a dual infrared emitter permanently mounted to a 3m cable.

  • Application — Use the C–A35M/2IRE–10 with any remote control system that has a port for transmitting IR control information via hard wire. The 10ft cable is terminated with a 3.5mm mini connector which can be removed if needed. The transparent emitters adhere to the IR receiving device with double–sided tape.
  • Kramer Control System — Use this IR emitter with Kramer RC series remote control panels and the VP–23RC presentation switcher.
  • Available Length — Available in 10ft versions (3.0m).



Modello Descrizione Piedi Resolution
C–A35M/2IRE–10 3.5mm (M) to 2 IR Emitter Cable 3,00m (10ft)


Cable Ingressi Uscite Audio Features
C-A35M/IRE 3.5mm to Single IR Emitter Cable 1 - 3.5mm (M) 1 - IR Emitters
C-A35M/IRRN Cavo Ricevitore IR 1 - IR 1 - IR
C-A35M/2IRE 3.5mm to Dual IR Emitter Cable 1 - 3.5mm (M) 2 - IR Emitters N/A