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Kramer Network

Plataforma de gestión empresarial

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Kramer Network
  • Plataforma de gestión empresarial
Kramer Network
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Kramer Network es una plataforma de administración empresarial que permite a los profesionales de TI y AV implementar, configurar y administrar fácilmente una instalación completa de Pro AV desde cualquier lugar de la red, incluidos Dante ™ y dispositivos de terceros

  • Simple and Intuitive AV Routing — Complete centralized or distributed routing of virtual and / or physical matrixes.
  • Quick and Efficient Device Management — With instant auto detect, status update, and configuration for any Kramer or Dante IP device on the network.
  • Easily Trackable Device Firmware Management — Manage all FW versions, automatically receive new version notifications and execute updates from a centralized location with one click.
  • Enhanced Security — With LDAP user authentication and advanced user management, enabling you to create different levels of access for different users.
  • Simple and Powerful Maestro Room Automation — Intuitive user interface enables you to fully automate your meeting room elements. Configure lights, shades, devices and more to be activated by an extensive range of triggers, including scheduling, input/output connectivity, routing, and button pressing. By minimizing user intervention, Maestro room automation saves meeting prep time and minimizes human error before presentations.
  • Detailed Site Topology — Easily drill down to visually examine a specific location.
  • Convenient Video Preview — View live video from connected displays, right from the Kramer Network interface.
  • Device Scan Across Subnets — Scan and discover devices across different subnets.
  • Intuitive Video Wall Management — Select the monitor configuration that fits your requirements. Click the Identify button to display the position number of each video wall screen as an overlay on that screen.
  • Kramer Control Integration — Send Kramer Network commands from Kramer Control to trigger Maestro room automation actions, for example, to activate scenarios.
  • Live Alert and Response — Proactive notifications such as email keep you informed of issues in your system.
  • Fully Customizable Scripts — Increase the functionality of your system by creating custom scripts in almost any language to provide for the specific needs of a project.
  • Constant System Optimization and Improvement — All system events are recorded in the logs, enabling reports to be generated to analyze past usability and plan future adaptation and optimization.
  • Fast Initial Setup — Install and start using the platform in minutes with no need for programming.
  • Integrated Room Scheduling and Management — synchronized with your Outlook.
  • Multi–lingual Support.
  • Online Help.


  • Salas de reuniones cruzando múltiples edificios.
  • Cientos de aulas universitarias y espacios de lectura.
  • Cartelería digital con múltiples fuentes AV a múltiples dispositivos de imagen.
  • Control de salas y broadcast.
  • Bares deportivos.


Modelo Descripción
KN–5D–LIC Kramer Network platform — up to 5 devices
KN–30D–LIC Kramer Network platform — up to 30 devices
KN–100D–LIC Kramer Network platform — up to 100 devices
KN–UPG–30D–LIC Additional 30 devices for Kramer Network platform
KN–UPG–100D–LIC Additional 100 devices for Kramer Network platform
KN–UNLTD–LIC Kramer Network platform — unlimited devices
KN–SWUPT–365–5D–SUB Annual Software Updates Subscription for 5 Devices
KN–SWUPT–365–30D–SUB Annual Software Updates Subscription for 30 Devices
KN–SWUPT–365–100D–SUB Annual Software Updates Subscription for 100 Devices

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