Kramer Network Powered Server

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  • Kramer Network Powered Server
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KN−100 is a server that runs Kramer Network software. With a 6th generation Intel® Xeon® E3−1245 v6 Xeon (4 Cores, 8M Cache, 3.70 GHz) processor, 2x 8GB DDR4 RAM, an 64GB SSD hard drive, Windows® 10 operating system, KN−100 is designed to maximize the features and benefits of Kramer Network.
Kramer Network is an innovative enterprise management platform that lets IT and AV managers easily configure and manage the entire Kramer AV/IP product range and Dante™ devices from any single point, anywhere in the world.

  • Multi–language, User–friendly Web–based GUI — Easily access and use from anywhere, anytime.
  • Dashboard, System & Connection Status at a Glance — Quickly identify critical issues in the network, see logical–video–link status at a glance.
  • Integrated Maestro Room Automation — For use with any device or location.
  • Automated Device Detection — The platform instantly and automatically identifies devices in the network, reducing configuration time.
  • Enhanced Security — With intuitive user access management and LDAP integration, Kramer Network allows only certain users to access specific audio or video sources, rooms and pre–defined scenarios.
  • Visual & Topology AV System Mapping — Easily drill down to a specific network, site, building, or room to start managing AV devices.
  • Remote Maintenance — No need for on–site visits.
  • Virtual Matrix — Click and connect any source to any destination and create predefined scenarios for video and Dante™ streams.
  • No Programming Required — Install and start using the platform in minutes with no need for programming.
  • Scales to any Size Installation — Support hundreds of devices simultaneously.





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Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-GM/GM 15−pin HD to 15−pin HD Cables 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 1 - 15-pin HD (M) N/A Lengths − 1−150ft (0.3−45.7m)
BC-3X2T7S 14 Conductor Presentation/VGA Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End N/A Length − 100m (328ft)
C-GM/xl 15−pin HD to Open End Installation Cable with EDID 1 - 15-pin HD (M) Bare End N/A Lengths − 6−150ft (1.8−45.7m)
C-MGM/MGM 15−pin HD Micro Cable 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 1 - 15-pin HD (M) Lengths − 1−35ft (0.3−10.7m) Micro Cable
CP-GM/5BM(M) 15-pin HD to 5 BNC Molded Breakout Cable - Plenum Rated 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 5 - BNC (M) N/A Lengths − 3−30.5m (10−100ft)


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Bulk Cable − Low Smoke & Halogen Free DGKat HDBT Ethernet DGKat HDBT Ethernet N/A Lengths − 100/305/500m (328/1000/1640ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free
C-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Cable Assembly HDBT DGKat Ethernet HDBT DGKat Ethernet N/A Lengths − 0.6 to 100m (2 to 328ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-USB/AA USB 2.0 A (M) to A (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB/AAE USB 2.0 A (M) to A (F) Extension Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A (F) Lengths − 1−15ft
C-USB/AB USB 2.0 A (M) to B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-B Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB3/MicroB USB 3.0 A (M) to Micro–B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Micro Lengths − 3 & 6ft
C-USB/Mini5 USB 2.0 A (M) to Mini–B 4–pin (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Mini Lengths − 3−15ft