3–Band Parametric Equalizer

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  • 3–Band Parametric Equalizer
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103EQ is a 3−band parametric equalizer that optimizes speaker sound quality, fixes microphone feedback and adjusts low, mid and high frequencies separately for precision sound customization. This compact−size equalizer was designed to make the Galil 2−C speaker fit the EN54−24 standard. For each frequency range, you can adjust the center frequency (Hz), bandwidth (Q factor) and gain (amplitude).

  • Equalization — Three adjustable frequency bands (low, mid and high).
  • Settings — For each band you can set the frequency, Q and gain.
  • Frequency Range — Band 1: 40Hz–1200Hz, band 2: 800Hz–6.5kHz, band 3: 2.2kHz–16kHz.
  • Gain — Between +15dB and — 20dB.
  • Q–Factor — Between 0.4 and 4.5.
  • One Balanced Mono Input & One Balanced Mono Output.


  • Enhances the sound of the Kramer Galil 2–C Closed–Back Ceiling Speakers
  • Optimized sound quality in different environments
  • For applications that require EN54–24 compliance for Galil 2–C speakers


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-2T Stereo Audio/Control Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End U Length − 300m (984ft)