4K30 4:4:4, H.264 Video Decoder supporting PoE and Video Wall

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  • 4K30 4:4:4, H.264 Video Decoder supporting PoE and Video Wall
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KDS DEC5 is an H.264 decoder for HDMI™ signals of up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4). It provides high−quality and fully−featured end−to−end video and audio over IP. KDS−DEC5 includes AVC support for H.264/MPEG−4 and AAC codec, open encoding that enables decoding through VLC® player software and unicast or multicast streaming through TS and RTSP transport protocols.

  • High Resolution Video Encoding and Compression — supporting up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4) resolution.
  • Maximum Compatibility — Fully standard and compliant H.264/MPEG–4 AVC (Advanced Video Codec) and AAC (Advanced Audio Code) codecs, enable compatibility with other software and hardware encoders. Open encoding enables software decoding through VLC® player software.
  • Versatile Powering Options — Powered by PoE (when using a Network switch that supports PoE) or by external 12V power adapter.
  • Standard Ethernet Network Operation — 10/100/1000Mb. Managed switch: 1G, multicast, IGMP snooping, layer 2. Configurable DHCP, Static or Auto IP. For specific Network configuration, please contact Kramer Customer Support.
  • Selectable Streaming Mode — Unicast or multicast through RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).
  • Convenient Unit Control and Configuration — Distance control via user–friendly embedded web pages via the Ethernet, Protocol 3000 API, and RS–232 serial commands transmitted by a PC, touch screen system or other serial controller.
  • Cost–Effective Maintenance — Power and link status indicators facilitate easy local maintenance and troubleshooting. Firmware upgrade via embedded web pages or K–Upload ensures lasting, field–proven deployment.
  • Simple System Management — Remote system management support to enable quick and efficient remote system and device life–cycle management.


  • Digital signage
  • Video walls
  • Education
  • Smart city CCTV
  • Large AV Matrixes

The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.












Cable 入力 出力 オーディオ Features
C-HM/HM/PRO HDMI-HDMI ハイスピード ケーブル(オス―オス)HEAC対応 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) E K−Lock Connectors Lengths − 0.9−19.8m (3−65ft)
CP-HM/HM/ETH High−Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet − Plenum Rated 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) E Lengths − 4.6−15.2m (15−50ft).
C-HM/HM HDMI - HDMI ケーブル(オス-オス) 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) エンベディッド 長さ − 0.9−15.2m K−Lockコネクタ
C-HM/HM/ETH HDMI - HDMI ケーブル(オス-オス) HEAC対応 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) E 長さ 0.9−15.2m (3−50ft) K−Lock コネクタ
C-MHM/MHM HDMI - HDMI ハイスピード フレキシブル ケーブル(オス-オス) HEAC対応 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) E 長さ − 0.3−7.6m (1−25ft) K−Lock コネクタ
C-HM/HM/FLAT/ETH イーサーネット対応ハイスピード HDMI ケーブル 1 - HDMI (M) 1 - HDMI (M) E 長さ − 1.8−22.9m K−Lock コネクタ


Cable 入力 出力 オーディオ Features
BCP-1T Balanced Mono Audio or Control Cable Bare End Bare End U Lengths − 76−305m (250−1000ft)


Cable 入力 出力 オーディオ Features
BC-1T 2芯 音声(20 AWG)、コントロール用 シールドケーブル Bare End Bare End U 長さ − 300m (984ft)
BCP-1T Balanced Mono Audio or Control Cable Bare End Bare End U Lengths − 76−305m (250−1000ft)


Cable 入力 出力 オーディオ Features
BC-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Bulk Cable − Low Smoke & Halogen Free DGKat HDBT Ethernet DGKat HDBT Ethernet N/A Lengths − 100/305/500m (328/1000/1640ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free
C-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Cable Assembly HDBT DGKat Ethernet HDBT DGKat Ethernet N/A Lengths − 0.6 to 100m (2 to 328ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free