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Cable Retractor

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  • Cable Retractor
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KRT−4 is a cable retractor designed for installing in a meeting room, classroom or other AV site. KRT−4 extends a variety of common AV connector types and is easy to install and use.

  • Provides Convenient and Easy–to–Use Connecting — Pull the cable to extend up to 1.8m (5.9ft) from the installation site; the cable automatically locks in position to the desired length. When finished, pull the cable again and it retracts into the housing.
  • Improved Design — Gentle retraction feature extends the life of the cable and connector.
  • Simple and Flexible Installation Options — Install in compatible Kramer TBUS models or attach directly to the underside of a table with a few screws.
  • Available in Most Common AV Connector Types — HDMI, VGA, audio (3.5mm), LAN, USB, USB–C, and DisplayPort.


Modello Descrizione
KRT–4–H High–speed HDMI with Ethernet cable retractor with HDMI connector
KRT–4–DP DisplayPort cable retractor with DisplayPort connector
KRT–4–VGA VGA cable retractor with VGA connector
KRT–4–LAN CAT 6 cable retractor with RJ–45 connector
KRT–4–A Audio cable retractor with 3.5mm mini jack connector
KRT–4–USB–3 USB 3.0 cable retractor with USB type–A connector
KRT–4–3H2 High–Speed HDMI 4K cable retractor with PT–3H2 signal extender
KRT–4–U32/FF USB type–C cable retractor for data, video, and charging



KRT 4-3H2 Extender Additional Specifications

KRT-4-U32/FF Additional Specifications

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