Kramer BRAINware

Ethernet Master / Room Controller Software

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Kramer BRAINware
  • Ethernet Master / Room Controller Software
Kramer BRAINware
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Kramer BRAINware is an enterprise−class, revolutionary, user−friendly, software application that enables you to execute all your room control actions straight from a KT−107 family touch panel, VIA Connect PLUS or KC−BRAINware−5/25/50 without installing a physical brain between the user interface and the controlled devices. Using the power of Kramer Control cloud–based control & space management platform, Kramer BRAINware enables your touch panel to operate multiple devices over Ethernet such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Blu−ray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights.
Designed specifically for KT−107 family touch panels, VIA Connect PLUS, and KC−BRAINware hardware platforms, Kramer BRAINware uses custom user interfaces configured in the Kramer Control Builder. Designing a system was never easier, with Kramer Control's programming free, intuitive drag & drop Builder. Install, configure and modify your control system without any prior knowledge in programming.
Kramer BRAINware is available as a one−time license.

  • Simplified Installation — Control your room devices without installing a physical brain.
  • Format Conversion — Use Kramer FC family of control format converters to enable controlling almost any device from your touch panel.
  • Fully Customizable UI — Using Kramer Control, easily personalize your control interface any way you like.
  • Space Controller — Controls any AV device/display with its corresponding logic.