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  • 具有FX和4K输出选项的8输入ProScale演示双倍解析度转换器
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VP−772是一款八输入高质量双路缩放器,具有特殊效果转换,适用于租赁和舞台演出,现场活动市场以及需要双路缩放器的其他应用,并可选择以4K30 UHD(3840x2160)输出 在单输出模式下。 它具有DVI−U输入(包括模拟,DVI和HDMI支持)和平衡的立体声音频。 本机可缩放和处理选定的视频和音频输入,并输出到两个独立的DVI−I输出(编程和预览)以及两个平衡的立体声音频输出。

  • PixPerfect™ Scaling Technology — Kramer’s extremely high performance, state–of–the–art scaling technology with extensive high–quality pull–down and de–interlacing algorithms, and full up–and down–scaling of the video inputs.
  • K–IIT XL™ Picture–in–Picture Image Insertion Technology — Ultra–stable picture–in–picture, picture–and–picture, and split screen capability. Any video source can be inserted into or positioned next to any other video source with full window positioning and sizing controls.
  • Seamless Video Switching — With cuts or built–in special effect transitions, including horizontal, vertical, diagonal circle and chessboard wipes, cross–fading, and more.
  • Dual Scalers — For “live” seamless transitions from one source to another with two independent outputs: a PREVIEW OUT and a PROGRAM OUT. The PREVIEW output, including an OSD menu for making adjustments, is used for determining how the scaled output looks before displaying live during a presentation.
  • 8 Preview Input Buttons — For switching a selected input to the PREVIEW output and 8 PROGRAM input buttons for switching a selected input to the PROGRAM output.
  • Output Resolutions — Up to 4K30 UHD (3840x2160) for single output mode (non–dual scaler); HDTV and computer graphics resolutions with selectable refresh rates.
  • Multi–Format Operation — Selectable HDMI, VGA, YUV or CV on each DVI–U input and VGA or HDMI on each DVI–I output.
  • Audio–Follow–Video & Breakaway Options
  • Advanced De–interlacing Functions — Including 3D comb filtering, film mode, diagonal correction and motion detection.
  • Multiple Aspect Ratio Selections — Follow input, follow output, best fit, letterbox.
  • Built–in Proc–Amp — With enhanced functions such as color correction, gamma and dither.
  • Embedded HDMI Audio Support — As well as eight balanced stereo audio inputs and two balanced stereo outputs.
  • Input & Output Audio Level Adjustment.
  • Selectable Power Save Modes — For energy–efficient usage.
  • HDCP Compliant.
  • Luma & Chroma Keying.
  • Built–In Test Patterns — For screen setup and alignment.
  • Advanced EDID Management — Native resolution and color depth per input. Analyzes the connected output’s EDID for optimal scaling.
  • Input & Output Color Space Control.
  • Supports HDMI Deep Color — For inputs and output.
  • On–Screen Display (OSD) — For easy setup and adjustment, accessible via the IR remote control and via the front–panel buttons.
  • Non–Volatile Memory — Saves last settings.
  • Firmware Upgrading — Via USB (via memory stick) and Ethernet.
  • Flexible Control Options — Front panel buttons, Ethernet, IR remote control transmitter, RS–485 (allowing future optional T–bar control), RS–232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller.
  • Worldwide Power Supply — 100–240V AC.


  • Projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, hotels and churches, production studios, rental and staging
  • Any application where high quality conversion and switching of multiple and different video signals to graphical data signals is required for projection purposes

The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.
















Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
C-DM/DM DVI双链路铜缆 1 - DVI-D (M) 1 - DVI-D (M) N/A 长度−0.9−19.5m(3−65ft) 支持双链路


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
BC-2T 立体声音频/控制电缆 Bare End Bare End U 长度 − 300m (984ft)


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
BC-1T 单声道音频/控制散装电缆 Bare End Bare End U 长度 − 300m (984ft)
BCP-1T 耐压平衡单声道音频或控制电缆 - 耐压 Bare End Bare End U 长度 − 76−305m (250−1000ft)


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
BC-1T 单声道音频/控制散装电缆 Bare End Bare End U 长度 − 300m (984ft)
BCP-1T 耐压平衡单声道音频或控制电缆 - 耐压 Bare End Bare End U 长度 − 76−305m (250−1000ft)


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
BC-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Bulk Cable − Low Smoke & Halogen Free DGKat HDBT 以太网 DGKat HDBT 以太网 N/A Lengths − 100/305/500m (328/1000/1640ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free
C-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Cable Assembly HDBT DGKat 以太网 HDBT DGKat 以太网 N/A Lengths − 0.6 to 100m (2 to 328ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
C-A35M/IRE 3.5mm迷你连接头红外发射控制电缆 1 - 3.5mm (M) 1 - IR Emitters 长度– 3米(10英尺)
C-A35M/IRRN 3.5mm 红外接收器电缆 1 - IR 1 - IR 长度 − 0.9−15.2m (3−50ft)
C-A35M/2IRE 3.5mm 双红外发射控制电缆 1 - 3.5mm (M) 2 - IR Emitters N/A 长度 − 3m (10ft)


Cable 输入 输出 音频 特点
C-USB/AA USB 2.0 A (公头) 至 A (公头) 电缆 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A 多种长度可选 − 0.9 米至 4.6 米
C-USB/AAE USB 2.0 A (公头) 至 A (母头) 延长电缆 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A (F) 多种长度可选 − 0.3 米至 4.6 米
C-USB/AB USB 2.0 A (公头) 至 B (公头) 电缆 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-B 多种长度可选 − 0.9 米至 4.6 米
C-USB3/MicroB USB 3.0 A (公头) 至 Micro–B (公头) 电缆 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Micro 长度 − 0.9 米和 1.8 米可选
C-USB/Mini5 USB 2.0 A (公头) 至 Mini–B 4 针 (公头) 电缆 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Mini 多种长度可选 − 0.9 米至 4.6 米