Trader Station

Powerful, user-friendly solutions that shut down data theft in fast-paced, multi-screen/multi-source trading environments.
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Engaging Audio

Keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear, reliable audio.

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Simple Control

Easily control anything in the room over IP from anywhere in the world!

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BYOD Collaboration

Present in 4K from any device, team-edit documents in real-time, turn the main display into a whiteboard, and more.

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Easy Connectivity

Whether you’re wired or wireless, easily connect from anywhere in the room.

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Instant Presentation

Present instantly — wired or wireless — with cutting-edge switching & scaling technology.

Trader Station

Cloud Software Hardware

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Trader Station

1. KVM Receiver

Convert a wide range of AV signals back to their original format for optimum presentation   Read more


2. KVM Transmitter

Convert a wide range of signals for optimal AV content delivery over Twisted Pair and fiber optic cables   Read more


3.. Secured KM Switch

Create a secured environment between peripherals and multiple networks  


Secure Your Trader Station

Multi-source multi-display trader stations can be vulnerable to cyberattacks through peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse. To prevent costly financial data leakage, Kramer Trader Station Solutions individually isolate multiple sources that originate from different networks with various security levels. Traders can easily and safely control up to eight computers with a single keyboard and mouse and a secured KM switch. 

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