Control Room

Kramer offers a wide range of highly scalable control room solutions for routing, displaying, securing, and managing multiple video-feeds for critical government applications.
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Engaging Audio

Keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear, reliable audio.

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Simple Control

Easily control anything in the room over IP from anywhere in the world!

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BYOD Collaboration

Present in 4K from any device, team-edit documents in real-time, turn the main display into a whiteboard, and more.

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Easy Connectivity

Whether you’re wired or wireless, easily connect from anywhere in the room.

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Instant Presentation

Present instantly — wired or wireless — with cutting-edge switching & scaling technology.

Command and Control

Kramer's Command and Control technology combines cutting-edge software for AV over IP management, powerful range extension and user-friendly control in a highly secured environment.

Cloud Software Hardware

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Control Room

1. Room Control Panel

Control and manage any device in the room over Ethernet from anywhere in the world on a customizable, user-friendly touch interface.   Read more


2. KVM Receiver

Convert a wide range of AV signals back to their original format for optimum presentation   Read more


3. KVM Transmitter

Convert a wide range of signals for optimal AV content delivery over Twisted Pair and fiber optic cables   Read more


4. Secured KVM Combiner

Allows secure, simultaneous work with up to four computers. Essential tool for heavy−duty users challenged by frequent switching between isolated networks.   Read more


5. Enterprise AV Management Software

Route, configure & control any AV device, room environments and IP streams from any single point in the network.  


Control the Meeting

Control anything in the room over Ethernet from anywhere on any iOS or Android device. The K-Touch Control Platform lets integrators remotely design and maintain advanced, user-friendly room control systems from the Cloud for screens, projectors, lights, Blu-Ray and DVD players, HVAC, any AV system, and more. 

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Critical Display Applications

During critical command and control operations, you need nothing less than the best presentation solutions available with fast, reliable switching and advanced scaling technology. The Kramer VSM-4x4 HFS seamless matrix switcher/multi-scaler enables fast, reliable decision-making in critical scenarios such as police and fire departments and other emergency services, traffic control and smart buildings. The VSM 4x4 HFS offers a variety of multi-viewing options with no glitches or artifacts.

Learn more about the VSM 4x4 HFS Seamless Switcher/Multi-Scaler >

Securely Route AV & Data

Kramer-HighSecLabs Control Room Solutions enable secure, simultaneous interaction between multiple displays and multiple sources for Command & Control applications, e.g., air traffic control, border control, electricity grids, gas distribution, and smart buildings. Built around the Secured KVM Combiner, Kramer-HSL Control Room Solutions solve system complexity while providing maximum security, reliability and ease-of-use in a small form factor.

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Route, Manage & Control AV/IP

With a user-friendly web-based interface, IT system administrators can easily route, manage and control IP streams, room environments and any AV device from any single-point in an organization's network. Introducing Kramer Network, a groundbreaking enterprise management software platform for managing multiple AV networks. Kramer Network offers enhanced IT security with intuitive user access management for specific rooms, streams and pre-defined scenarios.

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