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Wall Plate Insert — USB (A/A)

Available in Black, White & Gray
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  • Wall Plate Insert — USB (A/A)
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WU−AA is a single insert wall plate with one USB connector (type−A) at the front
and a cable with a USB connector (type−A) connector at the rear.

  • Front Panel Connection — USB–A (F).
  • Rear Panel Connection — USB–A cable (F).
  • Wall Plate Insert — Single slot.
  • Supports USB 1.0 and USB 2.0.


Model Description
WU–AA (B) Wall Plate Insert — Black
WU–AA (W) Wall Plate Insert — White
WU–AA (G) Wall Plate Insert — Gray
Supply is limited. This item will be discontinued when global inventory is depleted.


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-USB/AA USB 2.0 A (M) to A (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB/AAE USB 2.0 A (M) to A (F) Extension Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A (F) Lengths − 1−15ft
C-USB/AB USB 2.0 A (M) to B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-B Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB3/MicroB USB 3.0 A (M) to Micro–B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Micro Lengths − 3 & 6ft
C-USB/Mini5 USB 2.0 A (M) to Mini–B 4–pin (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Mini Lengths − 3−15ft