1:2 4K 12G SDI DA

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  • 1:2 4K 12G SDI DA
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The VM−2UX is a compact and high−performance 1:2 4K distributor for standard broadcast−grade SDI signals of up to 12G transmitted data rate. It auto−adapts to data rate of one SDI input signal, equalizes and re−clocks the signal to improve transmitted signal reach, and distributes the signal to two identical SDI outputs.

  • Reliable Wire Connectivity — Coaxial broadcast–grade cables are reliably connected via lockable BNC connectors, preventing unintentional wire disconnections, to gain fast and highly professional uncompressed SDI signals distribution deployments.
  • Extended–reach Input Extension — Input signal equalization and output signal reclocking to gain extended–reach signal extension. Using Kramer high–quality coaxial SDI cables, supports extension of up to 80m (260ft) for 12G 4K signals.
    Note: Reach depends on signal resolution, and quality of copper cable used. Reach extension performance may vary while using non–Kramer coaxial cables.
  • Transmitted Data Rate — From 270Mbps to 12Gbps data rates.
  • Max. Resolution — 4K@60Hz (4:2:2) 30bpp.
  • SDI Signal Transmission — Auto–adapts to SDI, HD–SDI, 3G HD–SDI, 6G and 12G SDI compliant signals, supporting pass–through of standard embedded audio channels with ancillary ID and metadata information.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance — Compact Pico TOOLS™ fan–less enclosure for small footprint spaces and over–ceiling mounting, or side–by–side rack mounting. Status indicators for transmitted SDI data rate of input and output connected signals, and power indicator, for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • SDI video production studios
  • Broadcast studio and field SDI video production events
  • Staging and rental deployments
  • Medical facilities with highly reliable video deployments



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Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-RG63G 1 Coax RG−6 Broadcast Quality Optimized for 3G HD−SDI Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End N/A Lengths − 500−1000ft (152−305m)
BC-1X 1 Coax RG−6 Super High−Resolution Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End N/A Lengths − 328−984ft (100−300m)
C-BM/BM BNC Coax Video Cable 1 - BNC (M) 1 - BNC (M) Lengths − 1.5−150ft (0.5−45.7m)
C-MBM/MBM BNC Mini Coax Video Cable 1 - BNC (M) 1 - BNC (M) N/A Lengths − 1−25ft (0.3−7.6m) Mini Coax Cable