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Table Mount Modular Multi–Connection Solution — Tilt–Up Lid

Photos Above Show A Fully Populated TBUS-4xl
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  • Table Mount Modular Multi–Connection Solution — Tilt–Up Lid
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The TBUS−4xl is the enclosure of a new modular system with a tilt−up lid. A complete TBUS system requires the enclosure, an inner frame, a power socket, inserts and a power cord.

NOTE: The TBUS enclosure, power socket, power cord & inserts are purchased separately.

  • Inner Frame — 2 different "T4F" inner frame options are available that can accommodate a combination of up to 4 power sockets, 6 cable pass–through or connector inserts, 1 long insert and up to 3 Kramer TOOLS.
  • Power Sockets — 8 different "TS" single socket options are available to accommodate the power requirements worldwide.
  • Power Cord — 8 different "C–AC" single power cords (and 3 "Y" power cords) for each power socket.
  • Optional Accessories — TBUS Brackets, K–Able Box Cable Reels, Step–In Modules and Controllers are available.
  • Cover — Manually opens & closes.
  • Connector Depth — Adjustable.
  • Installation Requirement — Table cutout of 225mm x 123mm (8.87" x 4.85").
  • Dimensions — Top plate: 24.3cm x 14.0cm (9.6" x 5.5") W, D; Enclosure: 20.3cm x 10.2cm x 13.0cm (8.0" x 4.0" x 5.1") W, D, H.
  • Weight — TBUS–4xl: 1.35kg (2.8lbs) approx.; table clamps: 0.25kg (0.6lbs).


  • Table and podium installation.


Model Description
TBUS–4xl(B) Enclosure — Black Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum Top
TBUS–4xl(BC) Enclosure — Silver Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum Top