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M4250−26G4F−PoE+ is a NETGEAR managed switch designed for 1Gb AVoIP deployments. It is out−of−the−box preconfigured for the KDS−7 encoders and decoders with zero configuration and is fully scalable.

It features 16 SFP+ ports. It has a front black display panel with status and is possible to reverse mount with ports in the front. The software−controlled fan adjustments enable the choice of fanless, quiet or cool operations. A wide range of management features are available for IT admins via an easy−to−use web console and a dedicated AV web−based interface at [switch IP address:8080] for AV installations.

  • The NETGEAR M4250 series ranges from 8 to 48 ports with a variety of PoE+ and Ultra90 PoE++ options for 15.4W, 30W, 60W, 75W and 90W AVoIP endpoints.
  • Uplink options include 1G for audio installations or standalone video installations as well as 10G uplinks for larger scale video deployments.
  • Also includes 12–port multi–gigabit Ethernet and 16–port 1G/10G fiber models for plug and play aggregation in a star topology.
  • Designed for a clean integration with traditional, rack–mounted, AV equipment.
  • A second pair of rackmount ears allows the switches to be mounted recessed by 2–inches to allow for the cabling.
  • Threaded holes on the bottom (4xM5 for 50x100mm VESA) and in front (1xM10 for clamps) allow for universal mounting options outside the rack as well.
  • For audio, profiles for Dante, Q–SYS and AES67 are built–in, as well as an AVB profile (AVB license sold separately).
  • To further simplify star deployments, NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ brings multicast automation between all M4250 switches, and with M4300/M4500.
  • Auto–Trunk and Auto–LAG simply connect M4250 switches together.
  • All M4250 switches share the same high–end NETGEAR Layer 2 / Layer 3 switching engine for a consistent experience.
  • All switches in the M4250 series have another main, IT web–based GUI for midsize Enterprise campus networks, IoT and IPTV.
  • Additional features include static, RIP and PIM–SM, DM and SSM multicast routing, DHCP Server and PTPv2 Transparent Clock (1–step E2E).
  • Efficient authentication tiering with successive DOT1X, MAB and Captive Portal methods for streamlined BYOD.
  • Comprehensive IPv4/IPv6 static and dynamic routing including Policy–based routing and 6–to–4 tunneling.
  • Advanced IPv4/IPv6 security implementation including malicious code detection, DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard protection and DoS attacks mitigation.


  • Military
  • Command and Control
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Digital Signage
  • Entertainment
  • Medical




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