Hardware Platform with 50 Instances of Kramer BRAINware

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  • Hardware Platform with 50 Instances of Kramer BRAINware
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KC−BRAINware−50 is a hardware platform with 50 instances of Kramer BRAINware software already installed on the device. KC−BRAINware−50 is designed to maximize the features and benefits of Kramer BRAINware for controlling up to 50 standard spaces (e.g. a standard space could include a scaler, monitor, lighting system, touch panel and keypad).
Kramer BRAINware is an enterprise−class, revolutionary, user−friendly, software application that enables you to execute all your room control actions straight from a computer without installing a physical Brain between the user interface and the controlled devices. Using the power of Kramer Control cloud–based control & space management platform, Kramer BRAINware enables you to operate multiple devices over Ethernet such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Blu−ray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights.
Designing a system was never easier, with Kramer Control's programming free, intuitive drag & drop Builder. Install, configure and modify your control system without any prior knowledge in programming.

  • Simplified AV Installation — Control up to 50 rooms without installing a physical Brain.
  • Scalable to Your Installation — Supports controlling up to 50 standard spaces.
  • Format Conversion — Use Kramer FC family of control format converters to enable controlling almost any device.
  • Fully Customizable UI — Using Kramer Control, easily personalize your control interface any way you like.
  • Space Controller — Controls any AV device with its corresponding logic.
  • No Programming Required — Install and start using the platform in minutes with no need for programming.
  • Easy Installation — 19” enclosure for rack mounting a unit in a 1U rack space with included rack ears and universal 100–240V AC power connection.


  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Court rooms
  • Hospitals





Environmental Conditions



Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-GM/GM 15−pin HD to 15−pin HD Cables 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 1 - 15-pin HD (M) N/A Lengths − 1−150ft (0.3−45.7m)
BC-3X2T7S 14 Conductor Presentation/VGA Bulk Cable Bare End Bare End N/A Length − 100m (328ft)
C-GM/xl 15−pin HD to Open End Installation Cable with EDID 1 - 15-pin HD (M) Bare End N/A Lengths − 6−150ft (1.8−45.7m)
C-MGM/MGM 15−pin HD Micro Cable 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 1 - 15-pin HD (M) Lengths − 1−35ft (0.3−10.7m) Micro Cable
CP-GM/5BM(M) 15-pin HD to 5 BNC Molded Breakout Cable - Plenum Rated 1 - 15-pin HD (M) 5 - BNC (M) N/A Lengths − 3−30.5m (10−100ft)


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
BC-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Bulk Cable − Low Smoke & Halogen Free DGKat HDBT Ethernet DGKat HDBT Ethernet N/A Lengths − 100/305/500m (328/1000/1640ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free
C-UNIKAT CAT6A U/FTP Video & LAN Cable Assembly HDBT DGKat Ethernet HDBT DGKat Ethernet N/A Lengths − 0.6 to 100m (2 to 328ft) Low Smoke & Halogen Free


Cable Inputs Outputs Audio Features
C-USB/AA USB 2.0 A (M) to A (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB/AAE USB 2.0 A (M) to A (F) Extension Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-A (F) Lengths − 1−15ft
C-USB/AB USB 2.0 A (M) to B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-B Lengths − 3−15ft
C-USB3/MicroB USB 3.0 A (M) to Micro–B (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Micro Lengths − 3 & 6ft
C-USB/Mini5 USB 2.0 A (M) to Mini–B 4–pin (M) Cable 1 - USB-A 1 - USB-Mini Lengths − 3−15ft