EDID Designer

EDID Management & Editing Application for PC

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EDID Designer
  • EDID Management & Editing Application for PC
EDID Designer
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EDID Designer is a powerful and versatile software application for viewing, editing and uploading extended display identification data (EDID) to compatible Kramer devices. EDID is used in most of today's VGA, HDMI and DVI systems to maintain the video signal integrity between source and display. The application is mainly a setup tool designed for trained and experienced personnel who are familiar with EDID concepts to ensure signal integrity in their AV setups.

  • One–Click Installation and Updating from the Web.
  • Easy EDID Access — Read EDID from displays connected to your PC, or from display devices connected to the outputs of compatible Kramer devices.
  • Simple GUI, Drag and Drop Technology — For easy and intuitive handling of EDID files. Any active EDID cube is dragged to the desktop panel for viewing or editing and when saved, it is saved to the source from which it was taken.
  • Advanced Tab Editing — EDID Designer allows the user to manipulate the full EDID, with all its parameters and extensions using the Advanced tab. The Advanced tab is a full representation of the EDID with exact field names according the industry–standard VESA White Paper.
  • Simplified Tab Editing — The Simplified mode is used for easy editing of the frequently used EDID properties. It prevents the user from creating EDID blocks that might cause signal compatibility issues and the application does NOT alter the EDID data block structure.
  • EDID Byte Map — The full binary representation of the EDID displays at the bottom of the editing screen. It maps the tabs being edited and reflects the changes made to every parameter.
  • Powerful Logic Checking — Changes made to the EDID are checked for illegal combinations of logic. In most cases, EDID Designer issues compulsory byte value warning messages and offers options for correcting the mistake.